Discovering The Magic of YOU for Direct Selling Success

Build your Direct Sales brand through authentic connections & better organization.

My Mission is to help you connect authentically in your direct sales business, create impactful relationships, get clear on your day-to-day tasks, and simplify the process!

This course is designed with Direct Sellers (Multi-level marketing consultants) in mind, however, many of the topics I touch on can be applied to any business interactions. But how?


With the help of the Enneagram Personality Test, we find out what makes you... well, YOU. This, in turn, helps you understand your strengths, the best way you interact with others, your working style, parts of your work habits that you can adjust to best flow with your personality, and more - to help you connect authentically with your customers. There are many consultants that sell the same product as you, but that shouldn't stop you! Find out how to connect and run your business your own way - and stand out! You'll get a full, customized Enneagram report with the purchase of your course.

Once we've determined your working style, we dive into other parts of your business, including creating your personal brand, how to stay consistent for success, and how to stay organized! This course comes with a Directly Inspired Planner that includes EVERY TOOL you need to run your business, including a Party Tracker, Goal Tracker, Reflection Sheets, Monthly Agenda, Follow Up sheets, and more!


Start the Roadmap to Success Today!

Hi, I'm Allie!

I'm an Industry leader, six-figure earner, Enneagram Certified, Mama Bear, Wife & Busy Bee.

My passion is empowering humans to create awesome networks in their direct sales businesses, while honouring who they are, creating authentic connections AND staying organized and aligned with their bigger purpose. 

I have started, grown and continue to succeed in the direct selling world, and I want to help you do the same! Through my course, I'll guide you to find the methods that work for YOU and your lifestyle, creating room for the business, and life, you love.

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